19 . 07 . 2014


get to know me meme → favorite celebrities (1/10) → hayley atwell

There’s this quote that I love, which is that the aim is to be independent of the good and bad opinions of other people. And to be free from people who say you’re great and people who say you’re shit is a really happy medium, there’s a good balance there.

6 days ago

“My  m o t h e r  raised me to be bold.”

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6 days ago

"Allison and Lydia are sharing a body now, sort of like a 2-in-1 deal?"
Teen Wolf AU → The Oni aren’t supposed to kill humans, they never were. But they did, turning Allison into a fox spirit.

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what if there’s an episode of agent carter where natalie dormer comes back to guest star and the whole episode is private lorraine teaming up with peggy while they talk about how bad of a kisser steve was

15 . 07 . 2014


when peggy carter asks you to jump, you ask how high. 

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